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People / Hans-Georg Wieck

Hans-Georg Wieck

Hans-Georg Wieck

Hans-Georg Wieck

The publicist and former diplomat Hans-Georg Wieck has held a series of important posts in Germany’s diplomatic service. In 1954 he joined the country’s Foreign Service, in 1970 he was appointed head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Federal Ministry of Defence. From 1974 Wieck held a succession of ambassadorial posts, first in Teheran, later in Moscow. Wieck was permanent German representative in the North Atlantic Council before being made President of the Federal Intelligence Service in 1985. His last diplomatic post as German ambassador took him to New Delhi. After his retirement in 1993 Wieck acted as consultant e.g. for Edvard Shevardnadse (1993-1995) and as the head of a group of OSCE advisors and observers in Belarus (1997-2001). Since 2004 he has been chairman of the association “Human Rights in Belarus e.V.” and visiting professor at the Catholic University Eichstätt, the Catholic University Lublin and the Free University Berlin.


  • Former President of the Bundesnachrichtendienst [Federal Intelligence Service of Germany]