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People / Thomas Kasten

Thomas Kasten  © Landestheater Linz

Thomas Kasten © Landestheater Linz

Thomas Kasten

Thomas Kasten (b. 1944) trained as an actor at the Bruckner-Konservatorium in Linz. From 1965 Kasten appeared at well-known theatres, including the Landestheater Linz for three seasons from 1969; since 1998 he has again been a member of the Landestheater ensemble. The series of readings in the lobby of the Großes Haus, “Lesezeichen”, which Kasten has started and which he co-manages, has notched up more than 80 events. For several years now Thomas Kasten has also been teaching Role Studies at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität.