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Lectures / 14/03/2009 10:00 am

Salon der schlauen Füchse
© Walter Hödl

Frogs and the gift of the gab. Why some frogs croak and others don’t

Most adult male frogs make a lot of ruckus to draw attention to themselves. With voices that range across a very wide spectrum they seek to attract the mute females and to keep other males at bay. Things get difficult if there are many different frogs in the same pond. How can they keep up a conversation in all that noise? Or next to a roaring waterfall? Yet frogs are never lost for an answer. Comparable in this respect to human beings they have found solutions for their communication problems that work.

Information: www.schlauerfuchs.at

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14/03/2009 10:00 am
Lecturer: Walter Hödl
Host: Andreas Kupfer, Sylvia Zierer


Programmbild Salon der Schlauen Füchse