Kepler Salon
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Lectures / 26/03/2009 6:00 pm

Guest Lecture
Programmbild Gastveranstaltungen

Final Event: A Comparison of 20th-Century civil wars in Europe

This concluding presentation will be an opportunity for recapitulation and analysis within a broad European context of the conclusions that historians, legal scholars and researchers in the field of peace and conflict studies might draw from the events of these civil wars. Of particular interest are the questions of whether there are recurring patterns in the way societies deal with the legacies of their respective civil wars, which models might be proposed for the societal and personal processes of coming to terms with what happened, what historical images have become operative over the course of time, and how societies in which civil wars were fought can learn from one another.


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26/03/2009 6:00 pm
Lecturer: Monika Flacke, Marianne Schulze
Host: Christian Klösch


Programmbild Gastveranstaltungen