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People / Anna Mitgutsch

Anna Mitgutsch © Peter von Felbert

Anna Mitgutsch © Peter von Felbert

Anna Mitgutsch

Anna Mitgutsch, born in Linz in 1948, read German and English Studies at Salzburg University, from which she obtained a doctoral degree in 1974. She then took up a post as an assistant at the Institut für Amerikanistik of Innsbruck University and subsequently taught in England, South Korea and the States. Anna Mitgutsch has a great number of publications in the fields of literature and literary criticism to her credit. She has published volumes of essays and eight novels to date. Her latest books include the novels “Zwei Leben und ein Tag”, “Familienfest”, “Haus der Kindheit” and a volume of essays “Erinnern und Erfinden”. Her work has been translated into several languages and has been awarded several prestigious prizes.