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People / Franz M. Wuketits

Franz M. Wuketits

Franz M. Wuketits

Franz M. Wuketits

Franz M. Wuketits (born 1955) read Biology and Philosophy at Vienna University. He obtained his PhD in 1978 and habilitated in 1980. He began to lecture at Vienna University in that year; later he accepted visiting professorships at Graz University (1987-2004), Vienna University of Technology (1998-2004), the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna  
(since 2004) and the Universidad de las Islas Balearas in Palma de Mallorca (2006, 2008, 2009). Wuketits is a member of the board of directors of the Konrad Lorenz Institut für Evolutions- und Kognitionsforschung in Altenberg an der Donau. He has around 450 publications to his credit, including 34 books, the latest being Evolution ohne Fortschritt (2009), Evolution – die Entwicklung des Lebens (2009, 3rd edition), Lob der Feigheit (2008) and Der freie Wille – die Evolution einer Illusion (2008, 2nd edition).



  • Konrad Lorenz Institut, Universität Wien