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Lectures / 02/12/2009 7:30 pm

Programmbild Wahrnehmung?

How will we build / live tomorrow?

On the physical level houses appear as “climate machines” that enable us to create optimal conditions for living and working (temperature, humidity, exposure to sunlight, etc.). In social terms houses are relationship structures translated into solids and spaces, which govern privacy, group size and social interaction.

The form of the detached house that we know so well, to quote an example, is a fairly recent architectural phenomenon and therefore also a fairly recent form to organize life.  The same applies to central heating, which has only been around for 100 years or so.

What will our world look like in terms of architecture after the detached house and the nuclear family, when totally new forms of heating, ventilation and air conditioning have established  themselves? These are questions that need to be tackled deliberately, creatively and with a great deal of forethought.  


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02/12/2009 7:30 pm
Lecturer: Roland Gnaiger
Host: Elfie Schulz


Programmbild Wahrnehmung?