Kepler Salon
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Lectures / 28/03/2009 10:00 am

Guest Lecture
Programmbild Gastveranstaltungen

Matinee Friedrich Dürrenmatt: Scenic readings. “We can be reached only by comedy behind which the tragic becomes visible.” (Friedrich Dürrenmatt)

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, the playwright, story-teller and essayist of world renown, was among the most imaginative and outspoken authors writing in German. He still has a small but devoted following in Linz both as regards his books and his plays. Much of Dürrenmatt’s work has remained topical to this day. His Swiss origins make him an obvious choice for the Linz09 format “Extra Europa”. The matinée seeks to offer a cross section of his work. There will be a critical commentary on and readings from his best known works, including “Traps”, “Romulus the Great” and “The Visit”. At the same weekend the Moviemento will put on Dürrenmatt’s classic whodunnit “The Judge and his Hangman”.

An event in cooperation with “Extra Europa”


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Programmbild Gastveranstaltungen