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Peter Becker

Peter Becker

Peter Becker

Peter Becker is a historian with a special interest in cultural studies in regard to the state, law and science. His two books Verderbnis und Entartung (2002) and Dem Täter auf der Spur (2005) reconstruct styles of thinking prevalent among criminologists and in crime prevention and the manifold and tension-filled exchange relationships between science, criminology and police technology. In his two latest publications – Die Kulturgeschichte des Formulars and Neuro-Politics – he deals with communication processes within administrative bureaucracies on one hand and with the increased presence of neuroscientists in the discourse in the areas of social and educational policieson the other. As Chair at the Institut für Neuere Geschichte und Zeitgeschichte Peter Becker strives to firmly establish cultural studies as an interdisciplinary project at the JKU and to make Linz an important meeting place for arts scholars and social scientists with an interest in cultural studies. He has been a member of the Kepler Salon Advisory Boards since 2008.



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Kulturgeschichtetag 2009

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New Members of the Research Family? Neurosciences and their Presence in Criminological Debates

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Can algorithmic art be generated from 2,000-year-old symbols? On disappearance, perspective and utopian projections

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