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People / Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger

Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger

Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger

Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger

After studying and working in Linz, Salzburg, Vienna and Sydney, Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger has been a member of the ORF Science Desk team since 1988, where she has been in charge since 2000 of the radio programme “Salzburger Nachtstudio”. Since 2007 Nöstlinger has been the chairperson of the Klub der Bildungs- und Wissenschaftsjourna¬listen. She has received several awards for her work, the latest one being the Staatspreis für Bildungswissenschaft. She is in constant demand as a jury member for science oriented literary competitions and also works as a moderator and writer of non-fiction.


  • Radio Oberösterreich 1