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Lectures / 31/08/2009 7:00 pm

Programmbild Kommunikation?

Wissensverkostung – Sampling Knowledge – Knowledge creates an appetite for science

You’re interested in principle in the programme of KinderUniSteyr? You regret that you have had no chance for quite some time to actually take part? Well, Wissensverkostung (Sampling knowledge) puts you back into the race!

Renowned scientists, scholars and experts will be giving mini lectures and offering samples of their expertise in their chosen areas of knowledge for interested adults. The musical and culinary sideshows may even give the opportunity to engage in small talk wih the lecturers. Check out for yourself how KinderUniSteyr works!

  • Following in Galileo Galilei’s Footsteps
    Ute Amerstorfer
  • Are you ripe for the museum?
    Peter Assmann
  • Let’s Design a Flood Reservoir
    Maria Baumgartner
  • Why was Linz chosen to be European Capital of Culture 2009?
    Ulrich Fuchs
  • “Walking Aids” for Children
    Hermann Knoflacher
  • Zweckentfremden = Zweckentdecken (Diverting sth. from its intended use = discovering new uses for it)
    Katrin Nora Kober
  • dry as dust and moist as mud
    Raimund Ločičnik
  • Boys are simply different. But so are girls
    Thomas Mohrs
  • The Jews of Steyr
    Waltraud Neuhauser, Karl Ramsmaier
  • Will we discover extraterrestrial life?
    Heinz Oberhummer
  • Rockets, Robots and Space Probes
    Daniel Weselka
  • How to create a miniature Big Bang
    Laurenz Widhalm

In collaboration with KinderUniSteyr.

Venue: Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr
Buffet: Restaurant “Orangerie”
Moderation: Matthias Schlossgangl
Opening act: Peter Spindler, Karoline Lenk (duo of musicians and artistes)

Shuttlebus from Linz (60 seats)
Departure Linz: 6 pm
Departure Steyr: 10:30 pm

Registration required at info@kepler-salon.at until 28.08.2009

A route plan is available for downloading.

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Programmbild Kommunikation?