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People / Ute Amerstorfer

Ute Amerstorfer

Ute Amerstorfer

Ute Amerstorfer

Ute Amerstorfer is a space plasma physicist at the Space Research Institute in Graz. In 2007 she received a bursary from “Women in Science”, an initiative by L'Oreal Austria in cooperation with the UNESCO  Commission and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Born in Wels, Amerstorfer spent a year at Leipzig University and was a research assistant at the Institute of Computational Modelling in Russia and at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. She has already several publications to her credit as well as many presentations at a large number of international congresses and workshops. Most of her research is devoted to a specific plasma physics process, the so-called Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, in the vicinity of the planet Venus. She hopes her research will contribute to our understanding of how atmospheres evolve: the atmosphere of Venus is an extreme example of a greenhouse climate.


  • Austrian Academy of Sciences